Czech Garnet

..….. small precious stone red as blood, full of mystery, passion and magic effects. Did you know that the Czech garnet has, among other garnets mined in many locations throughout the world, the same unique status as the Colombian emerald among the emeralds, or the ruby of Burmese among the rubies? If not, you should know that its properties are absolutely unique.

What constitutes the uniqueness of Czech garnet

  • Typical fiery red colour

  • High temperature resistance

  • Extremely high hardness

  • Light refractivity - it can conjure up dazzling reflections



Magical effects of Czech garnet


  • Brings courage and confidence

  • Restores strength and stimulates activity

  • Supplies vitality

  • Strengthens desire

  • Protects friendship

  • Helps overcome sadness

  • Controls blood circulation and pressure



Important milestones in the Czech garnet history

Huge expansion of the Bohemian garnet occurred in the second half of the 16th century under the Emperor Rudolph II who was very fond of these little red stones, and gathered several unique pieces in his collections.

In 1762, the Empress Maria Theresia banned the export of raw garnets from the Czech lands and thereby protected the domestic monopoly on the extraction and processing.

At the time of the Czech National Revival, the Czech garnet became an attribute of Czech patriots and a mineralogical symbol of Bohemia.

Thanks to the success of the goldsmiths of Turnov at the World Expo in Brussels in 1958, the Czech garnet returned to the contemporary artwork and began to write a modern history of the jewellery production in the country.

Present Czech garnet

The biggest producer of the original jewellery with Czech garnets is the Artistic Production Cooperative Granat Turnov. The Cooperative was founded by a unification of smaller goldsmith companies in 1953. It is the owner of the Czech garnet mines, and a holder of the right for their mining.

Certification and trademark

Granat is a cooperative registered with the Assay Office and guarantees the authenticity of the used precious metals and stones. Each garnet gem is accompanied with a certificate proving that the jewel is fitted with Czech garnets from the deposits in the Czech Republic that are owned by the Cooperative. Each garnet gem is also hallmarked with the manufacturing brand, i.e. the letter G. By these attributes the Cooperative guarantees the originality and authenticity of the jewellery with Czech garnets.


Tradition vs. modern design


The Cooperative is trendsetting the design and the final form of garnet jewels. Despite the latest production technology used, there is yet a high portion of manual labour of the Turnov goldsmiths. Thanks to their precision and thanks to the ideas of top designers of the Cooperative, you can nowadays admire a large collection of garnet jewellery that appeals to women and girls of all ages. Let yourself get inspired by the beauty of the Czech garnet and experience its power and strength ...